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Very Patient and Compassionate

“The case circumstances weren't easy while considering the different states involved; however, hiring Angel to represent us as our adoption attorney was the best decision we could have made. So many of the consultations we had, we knew Angel was fit for the process and the best outcome. She truly has a passion for what she does, and her work indeed shows it very patient and compassionate. We can't thank her enough for all her time, effort, and excellent constant communication that was provided to us every step of the way. She always made sure we understood everything going on and never hesitated to answer any questions or concerns. Angel always reassured us we would get it all worked out. She was heaven-sent to our family, and our adoption has been finalized! We are delighted with the outcome. We are forever grateful for Angel, and we recommend her to anyone seeking an adoption attorney. We assure you that you are in great hands!”

- JG

No One Else I Would Want to Represent Us

“Throughout the adoption journey, you meet and talk to many people. To this day, Ms. Angel Gillis is the one person we keep in contact with and will forever hold a special place in our lives.

Shortly after we were picked by our Birthmother, Ms. Gillis contacted us. Over the course of 3 months, I corresponded with Ms. Gillis several times on the phone and through the email before our son, Cameron, was born. We went over paperwork, and she answered all my questions; she explained everything in great detail and made sure I understood what the next step was. This was extremely important for me. I am a person who needs to be in charge and know every detail and there was never a moment where I felt I needed to lead the way because her vast knowledge in the law was reassuring. Ms. Gillis was at the hospital and doing paperwork on the weekend to try and get a head start for Monday morning. For a mother who was out of state and wanted to get home as soon as possible, her work ethic and dedication was very much appreciated. She stayed in constant contact with us and answered all my emails, calls, and texts. We were approved to go home, and she drove out to the hotel (North Carolina had several snow storms throughout our stay) to make sure I had all the paperwork I needed and to say goodbye. That speaks volumes about the character of Ms. Gillis. Her job is her passion and love in life!

If we are ever blessed to adopt again, Ms. Gillis is the one person I will seek out. There is no one else I would want to represent us more than Angel Gillis!”

- Foreste Family

Angel is the Best

“Angel is the best. She maneuvered through the ridiculous bureaucracy and delivered on everything that she said she could do. Highly recommended.”

- Gene H.

Price Was Perfect

“Angel is a phenomenal lawyer! Thank you so much!! Her price was perfect, she knew exactly what had to be done and answered all our questions in a timely matter.”

- Pam D.

Great to Work With

“I highly recommend Angel to anyone looking for an adoption lawyer!! She was very nice and great to work with!! Thank you so much for helping us, and thank you for working with us on everything!"

- Amanda R.

Patience, Compassion and True Professionalism

“Angel was exactly that, an Angel from God sent to us to assist in our adoption. We tried for many years with several different attorneys but constantly encountered road blocks and delays. Angel demonstrated patience, compassion and true professionalism. We will forever be grateful to her for the assistance and highly recommend her to all who may need her services.”

- Gregory S.

Highly Recommend

“I would highly recommend Angel Gillis. She is very accurate and quickly responds. We have recommended her to another family already.”

- Tracy W.

Excited for Us

“Angel was amazing throughout this process for my adult adoption. When I first started talking to her about what we wanted to do, she went out of her way to call me as quickly as possible and then explained everything that I needed to know for the process before even officially taking my me as a client. She clearly communicated everything we needed to do, and made sure that any questions we had were answered quickly and thoroughly. She kept us posted as things went on, and especially with the pandemic in play, this made us feel comfortable and in the loop. She helped us figure out the fastest ways to get through the process. It often felt like she was invested in how things turned out and was excited for us as we went through the adult adoption process. She was a wonderful lawyer to have on such an important journey for my dad and I. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone! Thank you Angel!"

- Rachel M.

Always Available to Talk

“Where do I even start with Angel! She is truly and Angel! She worked very hard on our adoption from the moment we first called her. She was always available to talk to us, even before we officially hired her...she was there for us. She went out of her way to make things as easy as possible for our adoption and did everything she could to speed up our finalization. We will be using her services again for our future adoptions!”

- Caitlin J.

Very Professional

“Angel was very helpful in moving our adoption forward. She was very professional and was patient with our many questions. She was proactive in keeping in touch with Social Services and the Court. I appreciated that she was quick to respond to my emails. I was very glad she was our attorney for the adoption and would highly recommend her.”

- Ed H.

Always Goes Above and Beyond

“We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Gillis for the superb work she did for the adoption of our baby girl. We hired her after we were matched with a birthmother. She was prompt in returning calls, emails and texts when any issue arose that we had any concerns over. She explained the entire legal adoption process and helped us understand what to expect and how we should proceed with certain matters. She clearly cares for her clients and always goes above and beyond to help anyway she can. Hiring Mrs. Gillis as our adoption attorney was one of the best decisions we made throughout our entire journey. We are so thankful for her and blessed that she accepted us not only as clients but as friends as well. We HIGHLY recommend the Law Office of Angel Simpson Gillis.”

- Kristy W.

Absolutely Amazing

“Angel was absolutely amazing! She made our adoption process very smooth!”

- Catherine T.

Amazing to Work With

“Angel made the adoption of my son go very smoothly and without any issues. She was amazing to work with and made the process painless. I highly recommend her.”

- Richard T.

Will Forever Be Thankful

“I am still in awe over the wonderful news that you decided to share with me on one of the best holidays that I celebrate. Thanksgiving has always been special to me but now it has a deeper meaning. On behalf of myself and my family I want to take this time to say a huge thank you in your work in getting this adoption finalized. You were very straight forward from the beginning in what to expect during this process, you always answered my questions or concerns whenever I had them, your attention to me as if I was your only client made me feel so at ease during this process...and it was a process. At times, I was scared and worried if anything was going to go wrong and she always found the words to make me feel better. I cried so much that day from joy. I have always loved her since day one and looked at her as mine BUT now....OMG I can't stop smiling and looking at her. She has always been my daughter but now she is LEGALLY mine and that is music to my ears. I can't thank you enough for making this process so seamless, I will forever be thankful to you. My heart is so overjoyed and content.”

- Naima T.

You Will Not Be Disappointed

“My wife and I were so pleased to have found Angel. I expected competence but what we found was a lawyer who was dedicated to and loved her work. After the first conversation I felt like I had known her for years. She went above and beyond to help us. Seldom do things work out without problems but they did thanks to her. We will always regard her as a friend and we are Facebook friends as well. You will not be disappointed in her as a lawyer!”

- Kenny M.

Knowledgeable and Extremely Attentive

“Angel was the best lawyer I ever worked with. She was knowledgeable and extremely attentive to my needs throughout the entire process.”

- Traci K.

Would Definitely Work With Her Again

“In 2018, my husband and I had Angel create a simple will for us at the beginning of our adoption journey. We were able to complete all paperwork with her electronically and meet for the final signing. She was very flexible, made the process easy to understand, and was great to work with. She was also our lawyer for the adoption of our son. She went above and beyond to reach out to our county office to get our paperwork completed in a timely manner. Angel was very calm and positive through the entire process. I have recommended her to many other families and would definitely work with her again in the future.”

- Bethanie C.

Dedicated & Compassionate

“My husband and I loved working with Angel! She was kind from the very first phone call & very compassionate about our situation. We were able to discuss our financial options, & she proceeded quickly through the necessary steps. Angel always communicated everything at each phase, so I never felt like I had to chase her with phone calls. She is dedicated & compassionate about this area of law, & it's very evident in her knowledge & professionalism in this area of expertise. I would definitely recommend her to family or friends!”

- Jennifer C.

Professional, Personable and Worked Quickly

“Angel was very professional, personable and worked quickly. Communication was excellent. Adoption is a nerve-wracking experience and Angel worked hard to put us at ease and thoroughly answer our many questions (sometimes more than once) through our whole process.”

- Eve N.

Always Kind and Understanding

“We hired angel for our step parent adoption and she was the calm to my chaos. There were many times were I was completely frustrated and freaking out and she was always kind and understanding no matter how irrational I was feeling. The adoption was ultimately successful but I don’t think I would have made it out in one piece if it wasn’t for her!”

- Tyler H.

Cannot Say Enough Positive Things

“Angel embodies the perfect balance between the professional and personal touch. During my independent adoption process, Angel always provided me with the relevant legal facts necessary to make an informed decision, all while demonstrating to me that she was personally invested in adoption. Upon first meeting Angel, it was evident that she wanted to get to know me in order to better understand my values so she could, in turn, provide the best possible legal advise to my situation. She is knowledgeable about the law, but also compassionate about her clients. Even after my adoption was finalized, she periodically "checks-in" on me. The independent adoption process in general is laced with potholes, bumps, and headaches but working with Angel made it all a little easier for me. I cannot say enough positive things about Angel.”

- Brandon M.

Genuinely Cared About Me

“Angel is very knowledgeable about the adoption process. From the time I spoke with her on the phone, I knew she would be the best option for the adoption of my daughter. She gave realistic timeframes, kept me well-informed of the process, and was very communicable with each step. She genuinely cared about me as a client. Our family highly recommends her for legal services!”

- Olivia M.

Wonderful Experience

“It was a great pleasure to work with Angel. She was very professional and thorough. Helpful and accommodating with meeting up with us for any paperwork needed . Wonderful about availability via email, text, or phone. She always kept us up to date about any changes or notifications. It was a wonderful experience to work with her. So excited to announce to the world that our process for adoption is final! Thank you so much and I will and have already recommended your services to friends and family.”

- Cindy M.