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Experienced Legal Assistance with Independent Adoptions

Not all adoptions need to go through an agency. In fact, there are many independent adoptions in the United States wherein the birth mother (or birth parents) chooses the adoptive parents and works directly with them to complete the requirements.

To protect the integrity of the process and everyone involved, it is important for all parties to be represented by dedicated attorneys who have their interests in mind. The Law Office of Angel Simpson Gillis is ready to represent you in an independent adoption whether you are the birth mother or the adoptive parent.

Assessment and Monitoring

Even though an adoption agency is not involved in finding a placement, you will still require the services of an agency to complete the pre-placement assessment (also called the home study), post-placement visits, and reports.

The agency doing the home study usually also does the post-placement visits and reports, but not always. It is up to the parents involved to retain an agency to complete these requirements. As an impartial adoption lawyer, I can provide a list of certified agencies but cannot recommend one over another.

When you need to create a solution that protects all parties involved, contact me for knowledgeable advice.

Consent Revocation

The adoption process can be stressful, and both sides are usually relieved to see it completed. However, people can and do have doubts about such an important decision. In North Carolina, there is a seven-day consent revocation period wherein the birth mother (or birth parents) can change her mind. Only after that period will the consent be irrevocable.

Readoption and Work with Private Agencies

If you’ve adopted a child from another country, you will want to consider readoption as an extra security measure. By completing this extra paperwork and having the adoption recognized in North Carolina, you will greatly reduce the risk that the adoption could be challenged internationally or elsewhere in the United States.

In addition to my work assisting with independent adoptions and readoptions, I can also represent individuals in private agency adoptions and relative adoptions.

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