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It is a simple truth, often overlooked, that everyone needs a family. Many of us are fortunate enough to be born into a loving, stable home. But for those who aren’t, adoption is perhaps the best legal tool available to help fulfill the need for family.

Law Office of Angel Simpson Gillis is dedicated to guiding individuals and families through the adoption process and pursuing legal recognition of an already strong emotional bond.

Representing Adoptive Families, Birth Mothers And Children

My firm is ready to represent your interests whether you are seeking to adopt, are placing a child for adoption or want to be adopted (at any age). In every case, my goals are to advocate for my clients and protect the integrity of the adoption process.

It is critical that all parties have adequate representation and understand what they are agreeing to. I will do everything I can to ensure there are no unwanted surprises or issues that could impact the outcome. I can also help you prepare for long-term stability and success though basic estate planning services and other legal recommendations.

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