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About Our Firm

The Law Office of Angel Simpson Gillis is a Raleigh-based firm focused on providing legal services related to adoption. I am founding attorney Angel Simpson Gillis, and I am proud to represent clients on either side of an adoption throughout the state of North Carolina.

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Committed To Clients And The Integrity Of The Adoption Process

After several years of working in family law firms, I have been able to narrow my focus to adoption law. I went to law school in hopes of using my legal education to help facilitate adoptions, so I am extremely grateful to be working in this very special area of the law. It is incredibly rewarding to help adults and children create new family bonds and pursue legal recognition of already strong relationships.

In my day-to-day practice, I show my commitment both to clients and the process itself. As a small operation, I offer personalized attention, a focus on each client and time/travel flexibility.

I also believe in protecting the integrity of the adoption process for the benefit of everyone involved. Adoption is a major decision, and both parties need to be represented by independent lawyers who will explain their rights and ensure they understand all details. When all is said and done, there should be no confusion, misunderstandings or problems that jeopardize the outcome.

Adoption Legal Services Are Just A Click Or Call Away

Based in Raleigh, the Law Office of Angel Simpson Gillis is ready to help guide you through the adoption process anywhere in North Carolina. To take advantage of a free initial phone consultation, call me at 919-907-1595. You can also contact me online.